Hidden in the depths of Contstable country is the last place you would expect a web page to generate from.
Stour Valley Designs is the exception.

The Goal

You might have seen clever promises of SEO, web2.0 or other buzz words that create images of cutting edge, trendy web sites. Sorry but there is none of that here.
It is my goal to work with you at your level of experience and knowledge and provide you with a simple website that does exactly what you require.

How We Get There

There are a lot of technologies out there and the terminology behind them can be quite overwhelming, that is why I concentrate on listening to your requirements and not putting technology first.
You will not find mountains of flashy animations and bloated content, I produce simple, effective and clean pages that are search engine friendly and written to the recognised standards of todays internet.

Nothing more, nothing less.

The Who

My name is Adam Chamberlin, I have had an online presence for the last few years and it was about time I put some of my skills to better use.
To which I offer myself and my toolset as a freelance coder and creator of web sites. I am no grahic designer, I know my way round Photoshop but I do not claim to be an expert. I can help with brand identity and image representation but if you want the full monty try some of the full time proffesional designers out there; I can recommend a few.

The Why

So I took a bite from the html apple when designing my first web site, and found it tasted good. However I learnt with tables and spacer.gif, some thing new was needed; symantic coding was introduced. So I went about re-teaching myself based upon xhtml and CSS, which is what creates web pages to the W3C standards; the approved mark of the internet.

The When

This is not my full time vocation, there is just not enough hours in the day to make it so, neither is there enough clients to start on your own.
So why bother?
Good question, the answer is simple; why not. I would like to take what started as a hobby to the next level.


If you feel that I can help with your next project then please get in touch.

From helping you understand how exactly the internet can fit into your business model, to creating a site.
Or maybe you have a site that just needs a quick update, or just some one to help ease the load of creating a few web pages.

What ever your requirement drop me a line and I'll see if I can help.


tel: +44 (0)7816 905 420

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